Chinook Book Fundraiser sales begin September 18th!!


On September 18th we kicked off our traditional Chinook Book fundraiser at the at the Orchestra Family Social. For those who didn't make it to the social, we will be distributing a Chinook Book and form to your student during their orchestra night rehearsals. Orchestra students and families will be able to sell Chinook Books and Chinook Mobile Apps from September 18th to November 28th. We will hand out Chinook Books and order forms for Orchestra A on October 10th and Orchestras B/C on October 17th. This is a great fundraiser, as the items are a worth well over the purchase price, and we get a very good return for our student's sales efforts.

Last year, thanks to your great work, we raised a little over $3700 worth of books and apps. The breakdown was 286 books, 74 apps, and 60 combos! 


Chinook Book and Mobile App (for iPhone and Android) 

The 2017 Chinook Book print and mobile editions are a great resource for sustainable living including: farmer's markets, recycling, local biking and transit, and clean energy. Chinook Books are filled with valuable coupons for saving at local, sustainable businesses that promote healthy living in our community. There are coupons for ALL neighborhoods and the savings are phenomenal! Popular coupons are Whole Foods, PCC, Goodwill, Swansons Nursery. 

If you forget your book, you can use the smartphone app, so you don't need to carry your book to get savings all over the greater Seattle metropolitan area!!!

Here are a few new Chinook Book merchants:

  • Super Jock 'N Jill  
  • Skymania Trampolines
  • Hot cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
  • New Balance
  • Sleep Store 

It also makes a great gift! You can order Chinook Books or Mobile Apps for your friends and family in Portland, OR; Minneapolis/St Paul, MN; Denver/Boulder CO; East Bay CA and Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz, CA.

Books are $22 each

Mobile Coupon Packs are $15 each

Combos (Book and App) are $30 each

How do I help?

We encourage all students to sell, and encourage all families to get involved.  All students benefit from each sale!  Each student will get one Chinook Book, and an order form.  If they don’t sell the Chinook Book they can return it – or let that be the one your family buys for your own use! 

FOGO gets 50% of proceeds from Chinook, For each Chinook book we receive $10, and from each Chinook Mobile Coupon pack $7.50. 

We’re asking each family to secure orders for 5 books. By reaching our goal of 5 books per family we will raise $5,000.

We encourage families to get involved. Here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer time to help with the sale at the school, in the classroom or tabling at a retail location/event.
  • Announce the sale at your work place. Display a copy of the book to show your colleagues. Extra order forms are available in the band room.
  • E-mail your family, friends and neighbors about your school and the Chinook Book fundraiser. Talk about it on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.
  • Use the order form for multiple orders. More order forms available in the orchestra room, or e-mail Jennifer Durrie or Janette de Leon at
  • Order Chinook Books for your friends and family in Portland OR, Minneaplis/St Paul, Denver/Boulder CO, East Bay CA and Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz, CA.

If you decide not to purchase the book in your packet, it must be returned in sellable condition by November 20th, or it will need to be purchased.

Make checks payable to: FOGO


Jennifer Durrie  & Janette de Leon
Chinook Book Parent Coordinators  






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