FOGO Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

FOGO Articles of Incorporation

FOGO was incorporated as a Washington Nonprofit on or about November 21, 1995. A scan of the original Articles of Incorporation is attached below.

FOGO Bylaws

The FOGO Bylaws were adopted January 26, 1996. A scan of the original Bylaws is attached below.

Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

FOGO (Friends of Garfield Orchestra) was originally named Friends of Garfield Music when first incorporated. The name was formally changed with the Secretary of State on October 10, 1996 as an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation. A scan of the 1996 Amendments is attached below.

Secretary of State Registration

The registration information for FOGO can be found on the Secretary of State website:

FOGO Privacy Policy
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