Tours and Exchanges

2017 - New York
Musician's tour of New York City - Click HERE for more detailed information.

2015 - Los Angeles
Concert at Santa Monica High School

2014 - New York
Concerts at the Fisher Center, Bard College, and Symphony Space in NYC

2013 - Providence RI / Boston MA
National Orchestra Festival of the American String Teachers Association

2012 - New York
Forte Festival - Alice Tully Hall

2011 - New York
Forte Festival - Alice Tully Hall

2010 - New York
Carnegie Hall

2009 - Chicago
Festival of Gold, Chicago Symphony HallFestival of Gold, Chicago Symphony Hall

2008 - Japan
  • Osaka – Kasugaoka HS Choir joint concert and home stays
  • Okayama - Music Festival, home stays with Sanyo and Kunko bands
  • Kashima - Music festival - Kashima Symphony Orchestra

2008 - Seattle
Friendship concert with Kasugaoka H. S. Choir at Meany Hall, March 26-28

2007 - Boston
Festival of Gold

2006 - Seattle
Kasugaoka H. S. Chorus from Osaka, March 28

2005 - Japan

2005 - Seattle
Okayama Sanyo H.S. Wind Band at Meany Hall, U. W.

2004 - Seattle
Friendship concert with Kasugaoka H. S. Choir at Meany Hall

2003 - Japan

  • Osaka – Kusugaoka HS Choir, Yuhigaoka High School concert,
  • Okayama - Kyoto High School concert,
  • Miyajima Island, Himeji (Himeji High School Concert), Sanyo High School, Hiroshima
  • Tokyo
  • Narita H.S.

2002 - Seattle

  • Kasugaoka H. S. Choir, Friendship concert Meany Hall, March 26
  • Sanyo H. S. Wind Orchestra, Meany Hall, December 17

2000 - Japan
Matsumoto, Osaka, Kurashiki, and Okayama.

  •  concert at Harmony Hall, Osaka
  •  Kasugaoka H. S. at Takatsuki City Hall, Okayama - with Kurashiki Commercial HS Brass Band Club and Sanyo HS, Hiroshima
  •  concert Jounan JHS, Mayajima

1997 - Europe
Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and Prague.  Second place finish in the internationally renowned Vienna Youth and Music Festival.

1997 - Los Angeles

1993 - Japan
Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama and Kyoto. With the Roosevelt HS Orchestra.  This tour featured a joint concert with the Kobe Philharmonic Orchestra and a performance in the Asakuchi Music Festival in Satosho.

1991 - Los Angeles

1990 - Fullerton, CA
April, Southwest Orchestra Festival, California State University at Fullerton

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