2022-23 Garfield Symphony Orchestra Auditions – Week of May 23rd!

Garfield Symphony Orchestra Auditions

Garfield High School has three Orchestras: Freshman Strings, Concert, and Symphony. Freshman Orchestra is for all Freshman violin, viola, cello, and bass players and does not require an audition. Concert Orchestra does not require an audition and is open to string players in grades 10-12.

Symphony is an auditioned ensemble that meets as Full Orchestra, including Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion in addition to a full String Section. Symphony is open to string players in grades 10-12 and wind/brass/percussion players in grades 9-12. Wind, Brass, and Percussion openings will be filled based on availability and ability, with preference given to previous participation in orchestral classes.

Audition requirements for Symphony Orchestra are as follows:

  1. Scales: Students must be prepared to play any of the scales listed on the attached sheet. These scales should be performed at an approximate tempo of quarter-note equals 100 or faster and played from memory. Two scales will be requested, chosen at random.
  2. Excerpt: A designated excerpt from the Symphony Orchestra repertoire, which can be downloaded from the garfieldorchestra.org website. Brackets in the music indicate the selection to be played. It is highly recommended that you review this excerpt with a private teacher or another student in order to best prepare for the audition. Recordings are readily available online, and reference to a score will help to better understand how the excerpt fits within the context of the piece as a whole.
  3. OPTIONAL Solo: Any solo piece of the student’s choice, of 2-3 minutes in length, that best represents that student’s musicianship. Longer solos are fine, but the solo will be cut off at this point to keep auditions on schedule. Since the time is limited, a student may choose to begin their solo in the middle of a piece in order to best represent their abilities. Memorization of the solo is recommended, but not required. An extra copy of the solo part should be brought to the audition for the proctor.

A sign-up spreadsheet will be posted online. Auditions will take place during the week of May 23 after school.

If you have any questions about these auditions please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Bryan Kolk


2022-23 Symphony Audition Guidelines

String Music Excerpts

Brass Music Excerpts

Woodwind Music Excerpts