About FOGO

Mission Statement

The mission of Friends of Garfield Orchestra is to set a standard of excellence in classical music education within Garfield High School and Seattle Public Schools, to allow students of diverse backgrounds to participate in high school classical music, and to benefit the music and cultural life of Seattle.

What FOGO does for the Garfield Orchestras

Friends of Garfield Orchestra (FOGO) is the parent organization that provides continuous volunteer and financial support for Mr. Kolk, the orchestra students, and the numerous orchestra events.

A significant part of FOGO’s mission is to subsidize orchestra activities so that all students can fully participate. To facilitate this goal we provide financial support for:

  • Instrumental coaching for those without private lessons (over $1,000 per month)
  • Instrument purchase and maintenance, including specialized instruments such as bassoons and piccolos that are so important for a full symphony orchestra
  • Music scores
  • Festival fees and tour scholarships

FOGO’s numerous volunteers organize and help make possible the orchestra’s public concerts, festivals, and out-of-town excursions.

FOGO’s volunteer-run public events featuring the orchestras (Messiah Sing-along and the Waltzes), provide on-going financial support for these activities. In addition, FOGO volunteers provide refreshments for sale at each of the free Foyer concerts.

All parents are enthusiastically encouraged to join this dedicated group of volunteers. We appreciate you time even if it just helping out at one event in the year.