Audition Results

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your hard and focused work regarding auditions during this atypical year! The results that follow are listed in alphabetical order for all of our auditioned seats: the entire roster of Symphony Orchestra as well as the wind section of Concert Orchestra. New members of Symphony Orchestra are identified in italics.

It is important to note several things: first, these results are not 100% final and are subject to change for reasons related to communication problems. What is posted here today are the results of every audition that I have listened to. Each of you that submitted an audition recording will receive a response email from me within the coming day (by Wednesday, June 10). If you do not receive a response from me, then I did not hear your audition and we will address the situation so that your audition is given full consideration. We are all experiencing extenuating circumstances, and the unusual nature of this audition process requires that accommodations be made. Additionally, several of you have schedule or instrument specific concerns that need to be addressed in person. I will be reaching out to each of you who have personal considerations that I am aware of, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in order to bring up additional information that concerns you.

Second, Concert Orchestra Winds are going to be scheduled differently this year so that players will participate in both Concert Orchestra as well as Symphony Band. This change has been made to provide a more well-rounded education for everyone, allowing both wind- and string-specific class periods and coachings far more often than our schedule has allowed in the past. This will mean your schedule may be listed as either “Concert Orchestra” or “Symphony Band”; we can accommodate either should you prefer that your transcript reflect one versus the other.

Third, all of this is subject to change based on the decisions being made at the district level regarding classes in the coming year. Some questions that are being actively pursued right now include: will learning continue remotely? Will in-person class size be limited? Do wind instruments pose an increased health risk? The answers to all of these questions and more will affect the shape of our Orchestras in the coming year. I am currently leading a team of music teachers in gathering information and recommendations to submit to the district offices in charge of making these decisions, and will make sure that you are all the first to know of any new information. I am fighting for all of you to ensure that we have the safest and most enriching possible situation when we convene for school in the Fall, no matter how we convene.

My very best to all of you,

Bryan Kolk

Concert Winds Roster

Symphony Orchestra Roster