Become a FOGO Board Member!

Please consider making a meaningful contribution to the Garfield Orchestras by joining the FOGO Board! Available positions for the 2021-22 school year include:

President – Presides at FOGO meetings, including setting of agendas and calendar of activities based upon consultation with the Director and Board. Communicates with the Director on Garfield orchestra and FOGO activities. Coordinates and supports the work of the officers and committees of FOGO. Assures that there is volunteer help for Garfield events and fundraisers. Meets with the treasurer and the Director to go over budget and expenditures. Serves as a legal signatory for FOGO.

Vice-President – Supports the President and serves as a legal signatory for FOGO.

Secretary – Is responsible for keeping records of the organization. Keeps minutes of meetings of the Board. Serves as a legal signatory for FOGO.

Treasurer – Is responsible for the FOGO funds. Receives and gives receipts for monies received. Assures that invoices are paid. Works with the accountant/bookeeper to maintain financial records. Handles taxes and legal documents. Serves as a legal signatory for FOGO.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Marguerite Ro, FOGO President, at