Please Update Your Contact Information with FOGO

FOGO communications are used to keep students and their families informed about upcoming events and information from Mr. Kolk. If you would like to receive FOGO communications, please provide the following information to

– Student name (First and Last)
– Student email address (Note: FOGO messages cannot be received at students’ address)
– Student phone number
– Student grade (9-12)
– Orchestra (A [Symphony] B [Concert], or C [Freshman])
– Primary instrument (and secondary, if applicable)
– Parent(s)/Guardian(s) names
– Parent(s)/Guardian(s) email address(es)
– Parent(s)/Guardian(s) phone number(s)
– Mailing address(es) for student and parent(s)/guardian(s)

If you are new to Garfield Orchestra this year or any of your contact information (including grade and orchestra) has changed, please send us an email with the updates at: so we can be sure to stay connected.

Thank you!
FOGO Communications