Winter Waltz: Orchestra Details and Schedule

Hello Everyone, and Happy New Year!

In this email you will find all of the relevant information regarding our upcoming Winter Waltz. Notably the following: which Orchestra you will be playing with, when you are rehearsing on Monday 1/9, and where you will need to be at all times during the evening of the Waltz on Sunday 1/15.

The document titled “Waltz Orchestra 23” will allow you to determine which orchestra you are in: either X, Y, or Z. This will let you know who else is playing in your section as well as when you will be rehearsing on Monday evening, 1/9. Times are listed below by Orchestra:

X : Mon 1/9 4:00-5:30

Y : Mon 1/9 5:30-7:00

Z : Mon 1/9 7:30-9:00

The document titled “Schedule for Garfield Waltz 23” details what pieces each orchestra is performing, in what order, and when you will need to arrive and depart on the evening of Sunday 1/15. All performers need to arrive at Benaroya Hall between 5:15-5:45. There are many downtown lots that can be used for parking, and Benaroya is also located directly off of many major bus lines. Be sure to plan ahead so that you have arrived on time.

Bryan Kolk

Orchestra Director, Garfield High School